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August 27, 2012
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Lisa and Cecil 31-40

31) Flowers

For once, Lisa feels thoroughly intimidated about meeting her boyfriend's parents. Certainly it's never the most soothing of experiences, but she knows she's GOOD girlfriend material. Smart, well mannered, clearly not out to use anyone – she's the sort of future daughter in law every mother hopes for!

Judith is the exception to the rule. Despite Cecil's previous legal transgressions, she remains convinced that her 'good son' is her only hope for a grandchild she can have a more normal relationship with. Sure, she adores Bob and dotes on little Gino ... but Gino is in Italy with his mother, and she was always surprised that Bob was the first one to attempt to settle down anyway, given that he was always the ... philandering type. With all her hopes pinned on Cecil, Judith is sizing Lisa up like a hawk does a mouse, and the couple has barely removed their coats!

Lisa quickly holds out the bouquet of roses – she had agonized over whether they were the sort of flowers one would give to an in-law, given that their romantic connotations, but since Judith was a classically trained stage actress, they seemed appropriate.

"For you, Mrs Terwilliger," says Lisa with her most open, friendly smile.

Just like that, Judith's expression softens. She takes the offered flowers, and smiles back. As easy as that, the ice is broken.

32) Night

It is the wedding night. Lisa is nervous. She shouldn't be – while she and her new husband were never promiscuous before meeting each other, they weren't virgins, and they certainly aren't after meeting each other!

But still, her fears aren't of physical pain or incredible awkwardness. They are of inadequacy. Tonight is basically them saying to each other ... "For the rest of your life, this is as good as it gets. Enjoy!" Considering that they've never disappointed each other in that area before (far from it), Lisa knows that her fears are pretty much unfounded, irrational even. However in her defence, the morning after their engagement and the rather amorous night that followed it, she and Cecil agreed not to be intimate with each other until the wedding night, to make it more special. Thus even though it's not a first, much less a last, for either of them, there is a certain gravitas to the whole thing that makes Lisa feel positively virginal!

Cecil puts his arms around her in the backseat of the Mercedes, on their way to the airport for a honeymoon in Budapest, and kisses her. The action smacks of the sentiment "alone at last." While pleasant, it does nothing to soothe Lisa's frazzled nerves.

A first class flight (courtesy of the Terwilliger parents) and taxi ride later, they are in the hotel suite. Cecil takes her hands and runs his thumbs over the backs of them. Lisa realises with a jolt that he's nervous too. They look at each other, and instantaneously burst into nervous giggles over the total absurdity of the situation.

Cecil starts to mumble something that sounds apologetic, but Lisa holds a finger to his lips.

"I love you. Just ... love me back."

And he does.

33) Expectations

At the beginning of the relationship, Cecil had hoped that Lisa's expectations for their future would not be too high. After all, surely it must end sooner or later – he can't be greedy enough to hope that something so good could ever belong to him for long. Karma doesn't work that way. But it's no good – he already knows that her expectations are as high as they could possibly be, and despite his best efforts at emotional restraint, his own rise every time he looks at her.

34) Stars

Sitting here reminds Lisa of her past fondness for astrology – a fondness that sadly has been brushed aside in favour of more tangible goals and causes as she grows older. But still, the memories make her smile – proving that director who accused her of having no direction wrong when she encouraged Springfield to take an interest in the meteor shower, bugling her joys and sorrows to the stars when she played her saxophone.

There's one memory that stands out from all the others – one of the sweetest pieces of nostalgia anyone can possess. Her first kiss. Lying here, on the hillside overlooking the town where Nelson kissed her. Despite the fact that it was so clearly a love not meant to be, the sweetness of the recollection makes her smile.

But tonight, instead of trying to inspire a bit of awe for the beauty of the night sky in a hopelessly dense ten year old bully, the love of her life is animatedly pointing out the stars in Orion's belt, and she doesn't think he'd notice if a meteor struck. She loves when he gets passionate, but decides to bring him back down to earth with a little passion of her own.

The kiss she shared with Nelson was sweet – no doubt about that. The kiss she shares now, with Cecil, blows it out of the water.

35) Hold My Hand

"I can't believe he told you that!" says Cecil indignantly.

"It's true. 'Stubby fingers', he said," replies Lisa. Even years later, the sting hasn't gone out of that particular memory. Eight years old, being told she'd never make it as a saxophone player.

"You have beautiful hands," insists Cecil firmly, winding his fingers through her long digits. When their hands are entwined like this, it's hard to tell them apart – both possess long, elegant fingers and have neat, cut nails, to accommodate their musical past times. Pianist's hands (literally, in Cecil's case). Lisa decides that if hers are anything like Cecil's, it means that the old music teacher was talking out of his ass.

36) Precious Treasure

Years later, it is incomprehensible to Cecil that he'd ever considered sacrificing Lisa for a suitcase full of something as common and vulgar as cash. That money falling out into the river was the best thing that ever happened to him. Now he has something much more valuable.

37) Eyes
Cecil watches Lisa remove her make up in the mirror, and shakes his head in bemusement. Because she is so fair, she is conscious that her eyes don't 'pop' enough, so she coats her eyelashes in mascara and neatly applies eyeliner. He wishes she'd leave them alone.

As she approaches their bed, fresh faced and smiling, he pulls her down to rest comfortably against him, and watches her face. Wide, annoyingly perceptive and wonderfully kind, her eyes are perfect as they are.

38) Abandoned

Lisa and Cecil are locked in a staring match. She's returned home from the animal shelter where she volunteers – with another stray. A puppy. It's the only survivor of a litter, presumably abandoned by the mother's owners. Cecil is about to open his mouth to begin the argument (they JUST got rid of Snowball IV), but something in the pathetic, bewildered expression of the puppy gives him pause. It looks like how he felt – that day at the audition. Bad enough that his silly dreams were crushed – worse, that they were crushed by his older brother, swept off his feet by the applause. He can relate to abandonment.

Cecil throws up his hands in defeat, and Lisa springs across the floor and kisses him gleefully. SLH (Santa's Little Helper) 2nd stays.

39) Dreams

For the longest time, Cecil's slumber brought only nightmares. Most of them inspired by prison. But ever since meeting Lisa, he is rediscovering what it is to just ... dream.

40) Rated

Cecil and Lisa jump in alarm as the ... 'romantic' music starts. Apparently one of Bart's discs found their way into the DVD box when Lisa lent him As Good as It Gets.

They watch the beginning of the X rated movie in a horrified trance – hypnotised by the smut. Cecil blinks, and lunges to turn it off.

"You're very bashful all of a sudden," jokes Lisa, once the surprise has worn off.

"Darling, the only X Rated scenes I'm interested in are ours," replies Cecil slyly.
Part 4 of drabbles/oneshots about Lisa and Cecil. All right go to Matt Groening, this fic is for entertainment purposes etc.

...Not much to say except this one was probably the most fun to write. They've all been very light, but I think this is the first one that's just pure fluff.
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Nevuela Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012
40. Rated

ACompanyofSwans Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012
Thankyou!! And thankyou for all your lovely reviews!
Nevuela Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012
:iconholaplz: De nada!
Nevuela Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012
39. Dreams

You did it again! You found a way to turn a vague prompt into something incredibly powerful, and in only three short sentences. :clap: :dance: :bounce: :typerhappy:
Nevuela Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012
38. Abandoned

Hehehehehehehe. It seems like everything Lisa does hits close to home for Cecil. Even when it's a negative memory, it becomes something positive. Her love brings out the best in him, no matter how deeply it's buried under sadness, anger or pain.
ACompanyofSwans Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012
They have the best kind of love ... lucky bastards.
Nevuela Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012
:lmao: :rofl: :giggle:
Nevuela Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012
37. Eyes

I don't know how much "AAAAWWWWWWW" is left in me, but I can tell you're going to make me use it all up before you reach the 100th theme. ^__^
ACompanyofSwans Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012
Hehe sorry about that
Nevuela Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012
36. Precious Treasure

Wow. Just... wow. I had NO idea where you would go with this, and I was really looking forward to reading it after I checked the 100 themes again to see what the next ten would be. This... was perfect. Bravo! :clap:
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